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Sound healing

... is the practice of playing sound instruments to produce tones that promote relaxation and offer opportunity for healing in the mind, body and soul. 

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The practice

Singing bowls and gongs are ancient instruments that were hand hammered and created with healing intentions. The sounds they create work to harmonize the cells and balance the body's energy systems. 

Everything resonates, and each cell and organ has a frequency.  When everything is balanced and vibrating as it should we are like a beautiful symphony.  When the energy flow in the body is inhibited, the organs or tissues in question stop vibrating at a healthy frequency.

The sounds heard in a session help to restore and optimize the flow of energy into the parts of the body where it is required.  The more you listen, the more you relax as the sound entrains your brainwaves and brings you into a meditative state where healing is possible. 

Gongs and singing bowls are used to assist in:

  • relaxation, sleep, memory & mental clarity

  • depression, stress related conditions

  • fatigue, anxiety and pain

... and may help to:

  • elevate energy levels

  • increase productivity and focus

  • enhance creativity, imagination & intuition


Scarlet Gorton

The world of sound began to open up to me years ago when I picked up my first Tibetan singing bowl at an outdoor flea market in London, struck it with the mallet and listened intently as the sound seemed to fill the entire marketplace.

It was love at first sound.

I began training in using singing bowls for healing purposes, completing 3 levels of training and receiving certification from the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School. My interest in the importance of sound and vibration continued to grow and I began seeking other modalities turning to gongs, tuning forks, chimes, singing drums, ocean drums, rain sticks, the shruti box, tingshas and bells. I began attending training events and following the teaching of Don Conreau, Mitch Nur, Diane Mandle and Suren Shrestha.


As an ordained pastor sound has played an important role in my spiritual walk. I love opening this world to others by playing the sounds their hearts call to hear.

practitioner Scarlet Gorton

The practitioner



Surrounded by beautiful trees, clean air and the quiet countryside, your encounter with these instruments begin as you lie peacefully on your mat.

  • Group sessions: Participants lie comfortably on yoga mats and listen as the sounds float above, below and through their bodies. 

  • Individual sessions: Participant lies on a massage table with gongs and bowls placed around them.

Email or text to inquire about upcoming group sessions or to schedule a private session 

(view from the studio)

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